Why Samvedna Handmade

‘Samvedna always stand for every woman’

Samvedna Handmade could be a platform created solely to sell the hand adorned product created by rural background women. It works closely with {women} artisans of Samvedna Connecting Souls associate organization primarily based in Rishikesh that works in villages of Uttarakhand, India.  These women are skillful in hand embroidery, stitching, paper & jute products making, incenses, and handmade products. Samvedna Handmade is the place where ‘Perfection is performed ’. Whatever our women design, stitched, crafts, create, manufacture with all their ability, devotion and perfection present under that one roof. People from all over the world including our country, shown their warm interest for these creation and products. People placing order and buy directly from our store as well as online. Every single order is a big employment booster for our women.


Our Vision
Samvedna’s primary vision is to bring employment and financial independence for the disadvantaged women in rural areas of northern India. We hope to create a pathway for the women to step out of disadvantage and be an active contributor to their community’s growth, success and support networks.
All ore handcrafted using the finest natural fibers. The subtle variations in color, texture and finish are intrinsic to hand made products. Our products involve crafts-based traditions of dying, weaving, wood block printing and embroidery with the goal of minimizing our impact on the environment.
Bulk Orders

Anyone can order from anywhere in the world, we will deliver anywhere in the world. We offer discounts on bulk orders depending on the product and the total cost, so you can save money on bulk orders. You can also order us your customize design.

Collab with Us

We invite you to Collab with us for this noble cause. We want to create a market place for others companies, their sharing contribution directly goes to SamvednaConnecting Souls (Regd Trust). Your support for social cause gives a beautiful smile on someone’s face.

What We Do

We welcome you with your Ideas, We are here to make true your dreams about your dressing styles..
Samvedna Handmade is a platform where you can get your own customized design. You can order us your design from anywhere in the World. We can send you your dress or accessories whatever you ordered.  Also for bulk orders we send sample first after confirming we complete your order. Order quantity minimum 200+ Shipping.

Our Latest Projects