Awareness Calendar


Handmade from Natural seasoned Reclaimed Teak Wood, 8 mindful activities on adjustable wooden panels along with the dates-months slabs.
Concept: This Awareness Calendar guides you through the process of being more mindful & aware and enhances your life force energy.. Mindful Activities like Eat mindfully- Choose to eat mindfully! Speak mindfully- Communicate wisely! Listen mindfully- Choose to listen deeply and carefully! Walk mindfully- Choose to watch and feel each step! Being judgement free – Choose to not judge! Being patient- Choose to be patient! Being complaint free- Choose to not complain! Wishing you happiness- Choose to greet happiness! Practicing this daily and dedicatedly will have a huge impact on your life.
How to use: You can adjust the date and personalize your day to enjoy the journey of being more mindful! Step 1: Adjust the date. | Step 2: Pick one mindful activity for the day and follow it with utmost dedication!


Eco friendly – Natural seasoned reclaimed teak wood

Special Care – Avoid from Water

Product weight – 0.242

A calendar that stays with you forever. Offers 8 ‘awareness’ modes to h f Whil hi th c hoose from. While changing the date, flip the wooden blocks to choose your awareness mode and consciously follow it through the day. ygy Brings calmness and a softer, wiser approach towards life


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