Bell Stand


Handmade from Natural seasoned Reclaimed Teak Wood frame & a brass bell. It has neat and fine lotus cut-outs on each side.
Concept: This BELL STAND helps you to be with yourself, as many times as you wish to…Today’s busy life leaves us with little time to ourselves. While staying connected with the whole world, we forget to connect with the most important person – ourselves. This adorable little piece of art adds to the beauty of any place that you put it on; be it your home, bedroom, temple or workplace.
How to Use: Ring the bell, take a pause and focus on your breath to connect with yourself.


Eco friendly – Natural seasoned reclaimed teak wood

Special Care – Avoid from Water

Product weight – 0.187

Being ‘mindful’ and connecting with self is refreshing indeed! The Bell Stand brings to you moments of Stand brings to you moments of mindfulness. Ring the bell to take a pause. Take a few deep breaths and experience yourself coming to the present moment.


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