Reusable Washable Cloth pads Sanitary Napkins Eco-Friendly Menstrual Hygiene (Pack of 4)


By considering the points of every woman, we made these pads in different sizes.

1) Small Size

These are designed as panty liners. Helpful to absorb daily vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow, spotting slight urinary incontinence.

2) Medium Size

A compact thin pad, which may be as absorbent as a Regular pad or for those who bleed normal to high.

3)  Large Size

A larger absorbency pad, useful for the start of the menstrual cycle when menstruation is often heaviest.

4) Overnight

The longer pad allows for more protection because most of the women bleed more overnight. This Pad will prevent you from the wetness overnight and give you warm sleep.

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Samvedna menstrual pads are made of 100% natural cotton cloth and they are reusable, so they don’t harm the environment. Long-term usage of regular sanitary pads may cause rashes & itches due to the chemicals, gel & plastic in your pad but when you choose Samvedna, you pick the naturally more comfortable and safer way to care for yourself during your periods. They protect you from all types of skin infections, not just leaks.

Samvedna cotton cloth pads are soft, hypo-allergenic, washable cloth pads that can be used for period care, especially for heavy bleeders and all-night absorption. They are compact to carry which comes in a beautiful cloth pouch (can be folded to fit into a purse or a pocket), easy-to-maintain (can be hand-washed or machine-washed), and rash-free. They have a wider base to protect from staining when sleeping. Rid yourself of the plastic feel and gift yourself some petals comfort. These cloth pads have broad wings to minimize pant stains and hold them in place. They are leak-proof and come in a variety of colorful patterns to make period-time, stress-free-time!. These pads are made by women of Samvedna who are gracefully trained by Miss Arti Saxena in Rishikesh and they are as excited as us to know the feedback on their stitched product. And by the way, these are eco-friendly as they save millions of disposables from landfills.

These cotton cloth pads come in an elegant pouch which prevents you from the shyness caused by purchasing sanitary napkins in public and the pouch is too eco-friendly and it can decompose very easily.


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